Description: This type of UK Visa service is often referred to as an Unmarried Partner visa and applies to people with settled status or Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK, who wish to bring their partner to Britain to join them. In terms of immigration to the UK, settled status means that a permanent resident is living here lawfully with no time limit on their stay. If you are returning to the United Kingdom to settle, your partner can also apply to join you at the same time. The relationship may be a heterosexual or a same sex relationship, but partners must not be related by blood.
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Benefits: Applying for a De Facto Visa, unlike a UK marriage visa application for spouse immigration does not require you to be married to your partner. Furthermore, where a UK fiance visa application would stipulate that your partner must join you with the express purpose of marrying and would prohibit your partner from working, visas for unmarried partners are subject to no such restraints. A successful De Facto visa application for the United Kingdom via this route will allow your partner to enter and work in the country without a UK work permit application providing that the entry requirements are satisfied.

Duration: You will have to complete 5 years on an unmarried or married partner visa. After this time a person can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) or permanent residency in the UK. However in some cases settlement entry clearance may be granted, allowing a partner to immigrate to Britain permanently. Once permanent resident status is obtained, an applicant may wish to become a UK citizen through British Naturalization .

Prior relationships: To be eligible, any previous marriage involving either partner, must have permanently broken down.
The following documentation is required for visa applications for unmarried partners: A British Visa for immigration of this kind applies to a relationship akin to marriage, which may be viewed as such "in practice" though not in law.

Alternative routes: Your partner can immigrate to Great Britain in other circumstances. If your partner has a willing employer / sponsor in the UK with a pre-approved sponsorship licence, then they could potentially apply for a work permit (now know as Tier 2).

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